The cleanliness of your kitchen is directly related to the success of your business. Whether you own a commercial restaurant, a nursing home, church, or school, your business deserves the cleanest kitchen possible. As you know, commercial kitchens need to pass health inspections. And if your kitchen doesn’t pass, it could mean that your business may have to purchase new equipment, make various improvements, pay fines, or your license could be revoked and the entire business could close. With so much on the line, make the choice to hire a commercial kitchen cleaning company in South Florida.

Commercial Kitchen CleaningGreaseBusters of South Florida will come into your establishment and completely makeover your kitchen. Our team is highly trained and knows exactly what inspectors look for, so we know exactly what to clean in your kitchen.

When FOGS (fats, greases, oils, and solids), are clogging your sewer lines or pipes within the kitchen, it can cause serious damage, not only to your kitchen, but to the people eating the food being created as well as other businesses in the area. Grease build up in your exhaust system, vents, or on your kitchen hood can lead to fires — the very last thing you want to happen in your business.

When there are so many kitchen cleaning companies who simply don’t follow procedures and lead you to believe that you are up to code, don’t put your business at risk. GreaseBusters utilizes superior products, including our very own patented biodegradable industrial degreaser. Our team has in-depth experience with a variety of kitchen equipment, so we are able to take pieces apart to get that deep clean the equipment needs. With each South Florida kitchen we service, we take pride in knowing that we’ve created an environment that is not just clean, but safe and healthy.

Want another benefit of commercial kitchen cleaning with GreaseBusters? Less downtime. We understand that having a working and functional kitchen is another key to your business’ success. We can ensure that the job will be done thoroughly and in a timely manner so your employees can back to prepping and cooking.

When we visit your kitchen, we’ll ensure that all of your kitchen equipment is fully cleaned and detailed. This includes cleaning the hood, and walls and floor underneath the hood.

If you have any questions about our kitchen cleaning process, get in touch with us today. We’re more than happy to tell you how we can provide you with a safer, healthier, and cleaner kitchen.

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