Any business that serves food to customers will need to undergo regular safety inspections by the state. Failing to comply with regulations and requirements could cause your restaurant or food establishment to be shut down. An inspection will include the ventilation and fire safety, cooking equipment, exhaust and suppression systems, local fire/building codes, and more.

At GreaseBusters, we want your establishment to pass these inspections with flying colors. With each visit from our hood cleaning technicians, we can provide your kitchen with a safety inspection so that you know what you need to do before your next state inspection.

Hood Cleaning MiamiSafety Inspection Program

We want to be known as a company who provides the best hood cleaning services in South Florida. And along with providing the best cleaning, we strive to give our clients the best customer service. We offer this service free of charge to our customers so that you not only get a clean kitchen, but you can experience a lasting relationship with us.

When you work with GreaseBusters, you can be 100 percent confident that you’re getting everything you need — from exhaust system cleaning to our many other kitchen cleaning services. But our most important priority is ensuring the safety of your kitchen, building, employees, and customers who come into your building. And ensuring your safety is done through regular inspections.

Our certified technicians are trained to follow the NFPA 96 Fire Code and to recognize any areas that could lead you to fail an inspection if not properly fixed. Whether you run a 24-hour restaurant, school, or church, if you have a kitchen in the establishment, you need to follow these fire codes. And with GreaseBusters, our hood cleaning is just one step in ensuring you do.

For emergency services, hood cleaning, or if your walls or ceilings need some special attention, we can do it all. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment.